Car Finder

The car finder is designed to help you find your model of vehicle, and the sensor you need for it. Select from the current dropdown highlighted in Green, Like this:

When you change an option, the computer will display a red coloured "Wait..." button, and the page will reload automatically. Scroll down for the results, or select an engine size:

After selecting the model sub-heading you can either use the car's engine size:

or the engine code if you know it:

You can use the tickboxes and the 'Compare' button to choose individual rows. Use the green 'all' button to select all the results, and the 'orange' button to reset your selection. Press the pink 'Compare' button to re-load the page with only the ticked results.

On the results table, wherever you see Blue text, it is clickable, and will display that model or engine size etc.

(close) Or click the window close button "X" to close this window