Honda Accord F20B6 Lambda Sensors front and rear

Honda F20B6 sensor

This is a genuine DENSO (OEM part same as fitted by Honda) front (pre-cat) lambda sensor for 108KW (145hp) F20B6 engined European-spec 6th Generation Accord 2.0i (1997cc) (chassis code CG) manufactured between model years 1997 - 2003, manual or automatic transmission.

If you do not know your engine code or whether this sensor is suitable please contact us.

The F20B6 is notoriously fussy about which lambda sensor it will accept, and no other part other than this has been acceptable to the ECU. We have tried many types of sensor on this vehicle, and only this part has been shown to eradicate the ECU warning light and fault code, and to continue working efficiently. Our part is around £50 cheaper than the equivalent Honda dealer sourced part, and our price INCLUDES VAT AND UK CARRIAGE.

The sensors found on a typical Accord of this era are either the original part as fitted at the factory, or a non-OEM part that failed to solve the problems. The old sensors have normally ceased functioning due to internal heater failure, although we have seen slow response being the cause of ECU fault codes.

Replacement is an easy job well within capabilities of home mechanic. Due to the location of the sensor they rarely corrode badly, and can usually be shifted without having to purchase a special lambda tool - an adjustable spanner normally does the trick. After sensor replacement, ECU light will normally extinguish on its own within 10-20 seconds, but some cars may rarely require an ECU reset.

This part is compatible with the following part number cross-references:

  • Honda 36531PAA307
  • Honda 36531PAAL22
  • Denso 192400-1000
  • Denso 192400-1001
  • Denso 192400-1003
  • Lambdapower LP-20081 or LC-10033
  • ADH27001C

This part is suitable for both BLACK-BLACK-WHITE-BLUE and BLACK-BLACK-WHITE-GREEN colour wires. This part will have either blue sleeving as pictured above, or a blue plug. This part solves P1166 and other fault codes related to Lambda sensor heater circuit.

LC-10033 - 36531PAA307 FRONT (PRE CAT) sensor £109.99 all inclusive
LC-10233 - F20B6 REAR (POST-CAT) sensor £69.99 all inclusive

Honda Accord F20B6 Exhaust sections

Honda F20B6 exhaust sections

LC-31000 - F20B6 front exhaust section with flexi pipe manifold to catalyser £69.01
LC-31002 - F20B6 catalyser Type Approved catalyst R103 £84.55
LC-31003 - F20B6 Catalyser fitting kit £5.82
LC-31001 - Accord F20B6 centre section exhaust pipe and silencer box £70.42
LC-31004 - Accord F20B6 rear section exhaust pipe and silencer box £44.39