Volkswagen VW Audi Group NOX sensors and controller interfaces

VW/Audi group NOX sensors. Suitable for FSi models from VW Audi Skoda and SEAT. One type has a separate NOX sensor, the other types have the sensor and controller unit as a matched pair. The types are not interchangeable. Both genuine and OEM parts are now available.

We have various part numbers available, you can either email or ring us with car registration number (UK only), or send us your chassis number (UK or international), or refer to the part already on the car.

These parts fit 1.4FSi, 1.6FSi, 2.0FSi Golf, Touran, Polo, Audi A2 and other VW FSi Vehicles - if you need help determining which part is needed, see the guides below, email or phone us on . Please send your car's reg no (UK) or Chassis number (UK or international)

Cures DTC 17443, 17479, P1035, P1070, P1071 NOX Emissions Warning Sensor fault codes. A list of NOX related fault codes can be found here. Symptoms include dashboard warning light illuminated, deteriorated performance, and poor fuel consumption.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the weight and value of the parts, carriage charges vary for each item. Most NOX sensor plus controller combinations have international carriage pre-paid, to anywhere in the world.

KEY: Engine code = three letter code, eg. BAD, BLF, this is the first few letters of the engine number.
Chassis Code = Three letters / numbers, eg. 1J2, 1K1. This identifies the model type, found within the vehicle chassis number.
We can confirm this information from the reg. number (UK only) when you order.

03C907807D >> Recommended upgrade path for 03C907807A and 03C907807C << 

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Also known as: SW422, NOXC3, NZA05-V4. This part fits:
Audi A3 (8P1) 1.6 FSi BAG BLF BLP 08/2003->09/2007 incl. FSi Sport 6-speed
Skoda Octavia 1.6 FSi BLF 05.2004->05.2006
Golf V (1K1) 1.4 FSi, engine codes BKG BLN 02.2004->02.2007
Golf V (1K1) 1.6 FSi, engine codes BAG BLF BLP, 10.2003->07.2008
Golf IV (1J1) 1.6 FSi BAD 10/2001 -> 06/2006; With integrated NOX control unit (as opposed to earlier type with unpluggable sensor);
Touran (1T1, 1T2) 1.6 FSi BAG BLF BLP 02/2003 -> 05/2006;
International carriage pre-paid to anywhere in the world
Replaces: 03C907807D, 03C907807C, 03C907807A
LC-30000 - (OEM Part) 03C907807D (also upgrades from 03C907807A/C)
NOX sensor
was 499.00
Now £398.99
International shipping

UK Trade Customers - SPECIAL OFFER! - 03C907807D only 299.99+VAT
299.99+VAT. No Credit or Debit cards. BACS direct transfer only. Compulsory carriage charge = 8.33+VAT, includes tracking and insurance. Prices in GB pounds sterling, subject to UK VAT @ 20%. Trade customer terms only. Contact us directly to place an order. Guarantees and warranty unaffected.

06F907807F, 06F907807D

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Also known as: Siemens VDO 5WK9 6607, NOxC2, 0906290005 04. Fits:
BLX engined Golf 2.0 Fsi, model year 2004-2005
Audi A3 (8P) FSi Sport, engine code BLX 2003-2004
VW Golf 2.0 FSi, Engine code AXW, 1KZ 2003-2008
Audi A3 (8P) FSi Sport Mk2 engine code AXW 1984cc 2.0FSi model year 2004
International carriage pre-paid to anywhere in the world

LC-30001 - Genuine 06F907807F (also upgrades from 06F907807D)
VAG NOX sensor
International shipping
included in the price


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This part fits Audi A2 (8Z) 1.6FSi Engine code BAD from 07.02->02.05

LC-30002 - Genuine 8Z0906261 VAG NOX sensor £265 UK shipping included


Fits Audi A4 2.0 Litre FSI including Avant, engine code AWA
International carriage pre-paid to anywhere in the world
LC-30003 - Genuine 8E0907807F VAG NOX sensor £679.99
International shipping
included in the price

03C906261 Cheaper!

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Polo 1.4FSi, Polo Sport FSi Mk4 (9N), Engine Code AXU 05.2002 -> 05.2006
Golf IV (1J) 1.6 FSi, Engine code BAD, 01.2002->06/2006
Bora (1J) 1.6 FSi, Engine code BAD, 01.2002->05/2005

LC-30004 - 03C906261 OEM NOX sensor was 169.99
NOW: £159.98 UK shipping included

036906261D Cheaper!

NOX sensor, fits:
Bora (1J2, 1J6) 1.6 FSi, BAD, 01/2002->05/2005
Golf IV (1J1, 1J5) 1.6 FSi, BAD, 08/2001->06/2006
Golf IV (1J1, 1J5) 1.6 FSi, BLF, 10/2003->05/2006
Golf V Plus 1.6FSi BLF, 01.2005->05.2006
Jetta 1.6FSi BLF, 09.2005->05.2006

LC-30011 - OEM Part 036906261D NOX sensor was 169.99
NOW: £149.99 UK shipping included


Skoda NOX sensor + controller. Fits Octavia (1Z3, 1Z5) 2.0 FSi engine code BVX, 2004->
LC-30005 - Genuine 06F907807B VAG NOX sensor £599.99
International shipping
included in the price


Seat NOX sensor and controller. Fits Alhambra 1968cc TDi SE Mk2 (Chassis type 7N) and others. 2015 model year. Includes semi-auto gearbox. Engine code CUVC / DFLA
LC-30005 - Genuine 04L907807L VAG NOX sensor £469.99
International shipping
included in the price


NOX Emissions control unit, suitable to interface to 8Z0906261 stand-alone NOX sensor
LC-30006 - Genuine 036906263C VAG NOX controller interface £209.99 UK shipping included


TDI Lambda Sensor
LC-30007 - Genuine 03G906262M TDI lambda sensor £134.99 UK shipping included


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Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor for some NOX sensor equipped vehicles. This is a 2 wire device.
Fits: BKG Golf 1.4 FSi, Golf & Audi A3 & Touran BAG 1.6 Fsi, Audi A2 1.6FSi Engine code BAD.
Cures fault code G235

LC-30009 - Genuine 036906088C Exhaust gas temp sensor £159.98 UK shipping included

03L906262E Audi A1 Lambda Sensor

Pre-cat Lambda Sensor for Audi A1 1.6 Diesel.
Fits: Model Year 2011 Engine code CAY 1.6 TDI
includes S-Line
Chassis No Starts with WAUZZZ8X...
Cures fault code P0132

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LC-30012 - Genuine 03L906262E Wideband Oxygen Sensor £154.99 UK shipping included