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UPDATED 03 February 2018

Many applications just added from the latest 2018 NGK sensor range. KIA sensor listings all fixed, some were missing. Site improvements on the way, we like to keep things the same as much as possible but some usability improvements have been suggested. LSM-11 sensors have been finally discontinued by BOSCH. These sensors are no longer manufactured, and never will be in the future. We still have stocks though, please contact for details. As ever, please feel free to contact us if you're having problems finding a sensor for your car: phone, email or leave a message. Open 10am - 6pm weekdays. Thankyou for visiting us!


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Biomass boiler Oxygen Sensors

** Cut your Boiler Servicing costs! ** - Genuine BOSCH LSM-11 and LSU4.9 oxygen sensors with protective features make them more resistant to contaminants. Suits oil, wood, and biomass burners, drying furnaces and other ultra-modern smokestack emission control systems. Suits Froling TM320 and others. See this page for details.


Honda Accord F20B6 1999-2003 2.0 front pre-cat regulating lambda sensor

Brand new stock! OEM DENSO Honda Accord lambda sensor for 1997cc 2.0i F20B6 145bhp engined models, years 1997-2003. No other sensor will work reliably with the F20B6. This part cures heater circuit malfunction and error codes caused by incompatible pattern parts.

Price is £169.99 all inclusive, free UK delivery. Save 50 on Honda dealership prices.

Update: we now also stock a REAR sensor for this vehicle

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Lambda Sensor Bosses and blanking Plugs / Bungs

Lambda mounting bosses and blanking plugs, plus our new thru-hole mounting boss, ideal for smokestack / chimney mounting of M18 lambda sensors without having to weld. Prices include postage. See this page for details


22mm Lambda Sensor Socket

Professional Quality 22mm Lambda Oxygen Sensor socket, available in standard reach and extra-long reach. Suitable for all standard form-factor 22mm hex Zirconium and Titanium sensors. 3/8 inch drive. For details click here.

Very Quick Guide to Lambda Sensors

A lambda sensor is an electronic sensor that fits into the exhaust system. It is sometimes called an Oxygen sensor, O2 sensor, or AFR. Its purpose is to send a signal to the ECU to indicate how much oxygen is in the exhaust gases. This in turn indicates how efficiently the engine is running. The ECU uses this information to adjust the engine's fuelling as you drive.

What happens if it fails?

MOT emissions failure, excessive fuel consumption, catalyst failure, poor performance, engine check warning light, fault codes are all symptoms that can be associated with Lambda sensor failure. The Lambda sensor's efficiency deteriorates over a period of time.


No maintenance of the Lambda sensor is required and there are no serviceable parts. Similar to a spark plug, when it's worn out it should be replaced.

Where is it?

Mounted on the engine exhaust manifold or exhaust pipe, or under the vehicle for the rear sensor. Modern engines (2005->) with a close-coupled catalyst have the sensor inside the engine compartment.

Cars made after year 2000 have at least two sensors, front and rear, and are termed OBDII compliant. Multiple sensors enable the ECU to better judge the efficiency of individual cylinders.

How can I replace it?

Firstly consult our fitting guide - it's roughly the same as fitting spark plugs. Or get your garage to do it. Some garages will not fit 'universal' type sensors, please check with them first if buying one.

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Replacement Lambda Sensor

Affects TDi Transporter and Crafter from 2006, Excessive Smoking from exhaust, a few times we've encountered this problem and a new Lambda Sensor has cured it (yes we were sceptical at first too!).

As far as we can tell, fault manifests as follows: Faulty lambda Sensor provides wrong reading, causes engine computer to open EGR (exhaust gas recirculation valve) during boost, this should never happen apart from on overrun. This causes crankcase pressurisation which prevents turbocharger oil draining through the turbo oil drain tube (connected to sump). As pressurised oil is also coming in through the turbo oil inlet, the oil backs up and has nowhere else to go but past the turbo shaft labyrinth seals, hence oil smoke as it comes out the exhaust. Complete list of vehicles and replacement parts here, they are new Bosch units in Lambdapower sealed packaging.

List of parts here LP68675 LP68676 LP68677

Popular Picks:

Forester, Impreza 2.5 WRX, STi

Pre-cat Oxygen sensor for 2.5 models, genuine Denso

Denso have updated this sensor, moving from the old blue sheath / grey connector design to a new Yellow connector and cable. The older type is being discontinued.

  • New design, pre-cat sensor for various Subaru 2.5 models
  • Replaces 22641AA211, 22641AA32A, 22641AA490
  • Price is cheaper by 15% compared to previous sensor

Please click here for details.

If you have a different subaru, see this list instead (long list, might take a while to load)


Audi A1 Lambda Sensor

Pre-cat Lambda Sensor for Audi A1 1.6 Diesel, Engine code CAY, including S-Line. Cures Fault Code P0132 and poor running. For details click here.



Universal Lambda Sensors from 29.99

Revised and extended range! If in doubt which one you need, please contact us. See all our universal sensors here

Please email or phone 01142 757976 or 07806 705407 if you are having difficulty finding the parts you need.

If possible, have your MOT emissions test results, ECU warning light fault codes, and vehicle registration number (UK only). If not, don't worry we can still help! If emailing, you are also welcome to scan your MOT emissions test into your PC and attach it to your email - the more information we have the better.


NOX sensor for FSi models and EGT sensors

NOX sensors for Volkswagen FSi models. Cures DTC 17443 and P1035 Emissions Warning Sensor fault codes

Need an exhaust gas temperature EGT sensor? New stocks of VAG 03L906088 series, BMW 11787557705, FORD/VOLVO 12B591 AA 12B591 BA 12B591 CA 12B591 DA, RENAULT 8200 and 8201 series. New EGT webpage coming soon, in meantime contact us for details!

Dynojet Rolling Road Sensors

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