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UPDATED Saturday 14 October 2023
LSM11B news
LSM11B available to order. Worldwide shipping available for industrial customers, discounts available on multiple quantities, ask us for quotation.
LSM11Bs are available to order. Current lead time is up to six weeks. Production is aligned with start of month. Please contact us for a quotation!
The LSM11B is our supercession part to the traditional Bosch LSM11B / 0258104002 / 0258104005, developed here and manufactured in-house. See the product HERE
EU destinations & Brexit
We cannot ship to Ukraine or Russia. Shipments to EU are very welcome. British customers: Buy local! Support British industry! We design and manufacture many of our parts in the UK, in Sheffield, England.
  • All manufactured items are wiped with an anti-bacterial anti-COVID solution prior to packing
Recent Additions (Car Sensors)

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Automotive (Car) Sensors
During the final part of 2023 we are removing old legacy car sensors to concentrate on our industrial products.
Biomass Sensors and Interfaces
Lambdapower LPA10 0-10v analogue output interface

Update October 2023: We have a supercession to the LPAD family of products very near launch date, please contact for details. (LPAD products have been discontinued) For direct connection to analogue PLC, simple to use single wire interface gives 0-10V output directly proportional to O2 content.

  • 0-10v output
  • Single rail 12V DC power supply required
  • Supplied ready calibrated matched to its sensor
  • Replacement sensors can be calibrated easily using the built-in manual adjuster
  • Simple to use - 3 wires - that is all. No complicated protocols or annoying setup software to learn

LC-69001 Original Lambdapower Part Bosch LSU4-9 replacement

Top quality Lambdapower branded biomass sensor

  • Five-Wire Sensor. Consistent quality. Assembled in the UK
  • Individually Serial Numbered for ISO 9001 compliance
  • Replaces Bosch LSU4-9

Dynojet Rolling Road Sensor
Dynojet Rolling Road sensors are back in stock. Used for motorbike tuning and race engines. Limited stock. See this link
Product news
We have discontinued the following product groups to focus our core business on industrial oxygen sensors and oxygen sensor interfaces.
  • NOX Sensors
  • Universal Sensors
  • NGK direct fit sensors

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Mounting Bosses

Lambda mounting bosses, blanking plugs bungs, thru-hole mounting nuts, copper washers, small form factor 12mm and standard 18mm sizes available. See this page for details


Professional Quality 22mm Lambda Oxygen Sensor socket. Suitable for all standard form-factor 22mm hex Zirconium and Titanium sensors. 3/8 inch drive, includes postage.

Oxygen Sensor Thread chaser for cleaning old and corroded oxygen sensor mounting boss threads in manifolds and exhaust systems. For details click here.

What is a lambda sensor?

Very Quick Guide to Lambda Sensors

A lambda sensor is an electrical device that fits into an exhaust system where we want to measure the Oxygen content of the gas. This could be in a road vehicle or industrial machine, for example a boiler or furnace. It is sometimes called an Oxygen sensor, O2 sensor, or AFR sensor. Its purpose is to send a signal to the ECU (engine control unit) to indicate how much oxygen is in the exhaust gases. This indicates how efficiently the engine is running. The ECU uses this information to adjust the engine's fuelling as you drive.

Lambda sensors can also be used for industrial applications, such as electricity generating stations and biomass boilers, and for general O2 measurement for industrial processes, eg. welding, steel rolling mills, drying ovens, furnaces. In industrial settings, a PLC (programmable logic controller) is used to control the sensor.

What happens if it fails?

MOT emissions failure, excessive fuel consumption, catalyst failure, poor performance, engine check warning light, fault codes are all symptoms that can be associated with Lambda sensor failure. The Lambda sensor's efficiency deteriorates over a period of time.


No maintenance of the Lambda sensor is required and there are no serviceable parts. Similar to a spark plug, when it's worn out it should be replaced.

Where is it?

Mounted on the engine exhaust manifold or exhaust pipe, or under the vehicle for the rear sensor. Modern engines with a close-coupled catalyst have the sensor inside the engine compartment. A close coupled catalyst places the catalyser very close to the engine to shorten warm-up time and reduce emissions.

Cars made after year 2000 have at least two sensors, front and rear, and are termed OBDII compliant. Multiple sensors enable the ECU to better judge the efficiency of individual cylinders. Some cars have up to four sensors.

How can I replace it?

Firstly consult our fitting guide - it's roughly the same as fitting spark plugs. Or get your garage to do it. Some garages will not fit 'universal' type sensors, please check with them first before buying one. Direct fit sensors are more expensive, but are preferable to the universal types. This is because the sensor is tailored to each application, and the ECU may perform a check to ensure the correct part is fitted.

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