Orders and Returns Policy (retail customers only)

Nothing contained in this page affects any of your statutory rights.

We will replace any genuinely faulty item for the period of one year from the purchase date.

Please note that adverse sensor operating conditions, for example if another part of the engine's fuel system is operating incorrectly, can dramatically reduce the life of your sensor. We cannot control the conditions each sensor has to withstand.

If a sensor is bought in error, providing it is unused, we will accept return of the sensor and will normally refund the full purchase price of the sensor, less our payment processor's handling fee for orders over 60 days old. Special order items may be subject to a handling fee. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss the reasons for the return, and to obtain a returns reference number.

Please contact us if you have ordered the incorrect part in genuine error and wish to swap it for another part. The difference in price between the items (if any) will become due.

Any requests for refund will only be processed after we have issued a returns number, and received the sensor back at our warehouse and after the initial payment for the goods has cleared into our bank account. Faulty items will have to be sent for independent testing, which can cause a delay.

We cannot repair or replace sensors that have come to the end of their useful life through normal wear, whether supplied by us or not. Sensors that have been used, installed in the vehicle for an extended period, and then returned are not eligible for refund.

Diagnostic Advice, Fitting Guides and Technical Information

The best-practice guides and technical advice displayed on this site have been written for informational purposes only and no warranty is implied by following the advice contained.

The guides are not meant to be a comprehensive manual for fitment of lambda sensors or other automotive accessories. We have tried our best to make the articles both accessible and technically informative. We have feedback of many instances where customers have found the procedures useful in diagnosing faults, but if you feel unsure of your abilities to carry out the procedures, leave it to a professional.

We cannot accept liability for any damage or additional costs associated with the fitment of our products. If the products are fitted correctly and per instructions, we guarantee the continued performance of the product for it's intended lifetime.

In any case, please contact us if you have any queries - we will always aim to resolve the problem.

Complete Conditions of Sale

1. Definitions

1.1 "Buyer", "you", "(the) customer", "(the) purchaser" means the person who buys or agrees to buy the goods from the Seller.

1.2 "Conditions" means the terms and conditions of sale set out in this document and any special terms and conditions agreed in writing by the Seller.

1.3 "Delivery Date" means an approximate date specified by the Seller when the goods are to be delivered. No orders shall be accepted as "Time Is Of The Essences".

1.4 "Goods", "The Part" means the article(s), which the Buyer agrees to buy from the Seller.

1.5 "Price" means the price for the goods including carriage, packing, insurance and VAT.

1.6 "Seller", "we", "us", "Lambdapower", "LambdaPower", "LambdaPOWER", "Lambdapower.co.uk" means Lambdapower.co.uk, trading from 201 Albyn Works, SHEFFIELD South Yorkshire, S3 8BZ United Kingdom.

1.7 "This Contract", "terms", "contract", "conditions of sale" means this agreement and all its terms in its entirety.

2. Where these conditions apply: -

2.1 These conditions shall apply to all contracts for the sale of Goods by the Seller to the Buyer.

2.2 Placement of an order whether by telephone, or by completing all stages of the online checkout process shall be deemed conclusive evidence of the Buyer's acceptance of these Conditions.

2.3 For retail customers, none of the terms contained in these Terms and Conditions affect your statutory rights. If you are unhappy with the service received, please get in touch.

3. The Contract Price and Payment

3.1 Prices shown in the on-line shop are inclusive of VAT and carriage and the total is that in effect at the time of payment. If the price on the online shop turns out to be incorrect, the buyer shall be contacted with an option to adjust the payment price, or cancel the order.

3.2 For pre-arranged accounts, payment shall be according to the credit facilities granted. Pro-forma invoices must be settled prior to despatch of goods. For card and other methods, payment
shall be due before the goods are despatched. Please note cheques and e-cheques can take up to five working days to clear.

4. Orders

4.1 Retail customers: In the event the (retail) buyer wishes to cancel an order the Seller reserves the right to apply a cancellation charge for special order and specially manufactured items. The rate for all re-stocking deductions is currently 15% of the retail price.

4.2 Industrial customers who have submitted an official purchase order, or any electronic document that operates as a purchase order (eg. email request for goods, website purchase) are not eligible for refunds for specially ordered parts manufactured to order and are not normally eligible for refunds for any other items specially manufactured or not.

4.3 International Customers: Regardless of shipping method, international customers will be responsible for any duties or costs charged by their local customs office. This includes costs arising in the event of a returned sensor. Unfortunately Lambdapower cannot mark your packaging as a 'gift' or mark down the price of merchandise at your request. These restrictions do not apply to shipments inside the EU. Please contact us if you need help with international ordering, or to ascertain whether we ship to your country or not. We ship to most countries in the world. Extra charges may become due as some couriers do not ship to certain countries, and postal services in some countries are unavailable to us.

4.4 We reserve the right to cancel customer orders at our discretion for rare and exceptional circumstances, including but not limited to suspected card fraud, non-authorised cardholder payments, or inappropriate behaviour towards Lambdapower staff. Any refunds resulting will be processed as per normal, as detailed in sections 6.6 and 6.7.

5.The Goods

5.1 The buyer will ensure that the goods purchased are suitable and compatible with their requirements. You can email or telephone for advice in choosing a part. The vehicle application lists and crossref part number lists that we use are kept accurate to the best of our knowledge. If the part seems incompatible once it's been delivered, the customer must in the first instance seek our advice to determine compatibility, and if necessary we will endeavour to swap the part for an alternative.

5.2 Parts must not be altered or otherwise damaged in order to make them fit. This is dangerous and automatically invalidates any warranty, and as per section 8.3 the part is no longer eligible for credit.

5.3 Goods are supplied on the basis that the Buyer is competent enough to use them safely. Items intended for industrial uses must only be fitted by suitably qualified staff.

6.Right Of Cancellation for Distance Selling and Refunds thus arising

6.1 This clause applies only to non-face to face contracts where the Buyer is acting as a retail consumer.

6.2 This clause does not apply in the following circumstances: -
a) Where the Buyer is a Business.
b) Where goods are ordered by Distance Selling and then collected from the Seller's premises.
c) Where goods have been used or installed on a vehicle.
d) Where a service has been provided in configuring goods to the Seller's requirements.
e) Where the goods have been manufactured specially to fulfil an industrial (business customer) purchase order.

6.3 Where the consumer wishes to exercise their rights of cancellation, no goods are to be used or installed, and must be returned in a re-sellable condition.

6.4 Notification is to be given as soon as possible if the buyer no longer wants the goods.

6.5 The goods should be returned to our warehouse within a reasonable period. The customer is required by statute to take reasonable care of the goods whilst being returned to us, so they should be securely packaged. The Buyer's carriage charges and any associated costs are not refundable.

6.6 Please be aware that any refund cannot be processed until the payment for the items has cleared. This may take several days depending on the method of payment used. Delays are imposed upon Lambdapower by financial institutions in the course of processing payments using online or telephone payments.

6.7 Once the funds have cleared it may take up to an additional 2 days for the amount to show up on your credit card statement or bank account balance.

7.Warranties and Liability

7.1 Where the Buyer is dealing as a consumer (as defined in the Unfair Contracts Term Act 1977 Section 12), the Seller will replace, repair, or refund, (at the Seller's option), any item found to be faulty within twelve months from the original invoice date, provided that the goods are returned to the Seller in accordance with the 'Returns Policy' Clause and the goods have not been misused or damaged.

7.2 A replacement part if supplied does not extend the warranty period.

7.3 Lambdapower is not responsible for supplying an alternative part whilst the suspect part is being inspected/tested/returned/refunded/exchanged/repaired/in transit.

7.4 Lambdapower is not liable for any associated costs in removing and shipping the part if suspected to be faulty, whether the part turns out to be faulty or not.

7.5 Lambdapower is not liable for any associated costs in fitting the part, removing the part (whether or not suspected to be faulty), or any other costs incurred by the customer. This includes labour and transport costs for the sensor, garage bills related to sensor fitment, callout charges, or other peripheral expenditure partaining to the fitment of the part. This also applies in the case of business customers who have bought items for resale, for costs arising related to callout / labour charges / despatch or return / refund processing costs to your end client (if any).

8. After Sales Service / Returns Policy

8.1 We will replace any genuinely faulty item for the period of one year from the purchase date. All returns must be first authorised by a Lambdapower staff member before being sent.

8.2 It should be noted that adverse sensor operating conditions, for example if another part of the engine's fuel system is operating incorrectly, can dramatically reduce the life of your sensor. This will be evident upon return of the suspect item, and no warranty can be upheld in these situations.

8.3 If a sensor is bought in error or appears to be unsuitable for the intended application, providing it is unused, we will accept return of the sensor and will refund the purchase price of the sensor, subject to a handling fee if applicable as per details in Clause 4.1. If we have advised the fitment of a sensor unsuitable for the vehicle which it is intended for, we will accept return of the sensor and will supply the correct sensor as long as the unwanted item has not been fitted or adapted in an attempt to make it suitable. If the correct sensor is not available, we will refund the purchase price. If the sensor is supplied in good faith and is the correct fitment for the vehicle, but fails to solve the problem(s) it was meant to, clause 8.5 applies, and refund will not be given. This also applies in the event of the sensor not being needed due to the problem(s) being solved by another method than replacement of the part we supplied. The reason for this is that a used sensor cannot be re-sold. Carefully following the advice displayed in this site's technical guides will help you avoid unnecessarily replacing a good sensor.

8.4 We cannot repair, refurbish, clean or replace used sensors or worn sensors that have come to the end of their useful life for whatever reason, whether the sensors was supplied by us or not.

8.5 Sensors or other parts that have been purchased from us, installed in a vehicle, and then used, then removed from the vehicle and returned to us are not normally eligible for refund unless the part can be proved to have been faulty at the time of purchase. This is standard practice throughout the automotive parts industry, and reflects the fact we have no control over the end use of the parts.

8.6 When a customer refund is processed, for whatever reason and whatever amount, by Lambdapower on a transaction that is more than 60 days old, our credit card processor's handling fee will be deducted from the refund amount. This is a term imposed on us by our payments processor (currently Paypal), the fee is fixed at a certain percentage of the price of the sale, and this fee is passed on to the customer at cost price. Refunds may take up to two weeks to process. Customer payments do not clear immediately into our account.

8.7 We cannot offer after-sales technical support for products purchased elsewhere. Please contact the relevant vendor.

9. Out Of Warranty Repair

9.1 Where a Buyer authorised the Seller to carry out repair work not covered under any warranty, the warranty shall apply only to the parts supplied at this time and not the full equipment or any other part of it.

10. Delivery of Goods

10.1 Delivery of Goods shall be made to the Buyer's address on the Delivery Date. The Buyer shall make all
arrangements necessary to take delivery of the Goods whenever they are tendered for delivery. Lambdapower is not liable for additional costs incurred in collecting the goods from a distribution centre in the event of failed delivery. Each order includes only 1 (one) carriage charge / delivery attempt, whether this charge be included in the item cost, or is charged for separately. Multiple attempts at delivery may become chargeable from the courier to the customer.

10.2 When the goods are despatched via carrier, postal service or parcel company, the time quoted shall be for a nominal service and not guaranteed within a time scale. No refund in full or part shall be offered as a result of late delivery by the
carrier. If you have special delivery requirements you must notify Lambdapower by email or telephone. Every effort is made to ensure goods are delivered quickly.

10.3 International Retail Customers - Carriage to anywhere in the world is included in the price unless expressly stated otherwise at the website checkout. International customers should reasonably expect an extra delay in receiving their goods, especially when the customer is outside the EU. Postal insurance is not included. This does not apply to International industrial customers whether pro-forma or on account. in the purchase price. Optional postal insurance is available at the website checkout.

10.4 Non-delivery of goods - if goods fail to arrive within a reasonable timeframe, usually quoted as a thirty day period from the date of despatch, Lambdapower should be notified. Lambdapower will endeavour to reclaim the costs of the missing goods from the carrier concerned using their compensation procedures. Lambdapower will decide on a case-by-case basis whether to supply an identical part in the meantime, subject to negotiations with the buyer, including confirmation from the buyer that the part is still needed. Lambdapower will only refund the cost of the goods when it can be proven the customer has not taken delivery of the item.

10.5 Refusal of delivery - if the customer refuses the delivery of any package for any reason including, but not limited to, the customer no longer requiring the part(s), the customer's refusal to settle import tariff / customs charges at the destination port (international customers) resulting in the package being returned by the courier to Lambdapower, any associated costs of re-despatching the package whether to the original address or to an alternative address supplied by the customer will become due before the package can be re-sent. For retail customers refund entitlement is per your statutory rights, industrial customers where product has been specially manufactured to your official purchase order are not eligible for any refund.

10.6 Twenty-four hour courier delivery (24-hr Courier delivery) during Royal Mail industrial action - This is a service offered by Lambdapower to increase the chances of a timely and successful delivery for when our usual carrier, Royal Mail, is undertaking industrial action. Receiving the goods within 24 hours from time of order is a service only available for stock items, otherwise 24 hour carriage will be from the time of despatch once the stock has arrived at Lambdapower's distribution centre. If there are any significant foreseeable delays, you will be notified by Lambdapower. If it is very important that you receive the goods by a particular deadline, please contact Lambdapower to confirm stock availability. 24-hr delivery is NOT available internationally.

10.7 Twenty-four hour courier delivery (24-hr Courier delivery) when Royal Mail are not taking industrial action - This service is available Monday - Friday and is meant to increase the chances of a timely and successful delivery. We use an independent courier firm that we have found to offer the most consistent good performance, however Saturday morning delivery is not available using the service, so at Lambdapower's discretion we may pay for a premium Royal Mail service so that the delivery arrives on a Saturday. In all cases, Sunday delivery service is not available. 24-hr delivery is NOT available internationally.

11. Acceptance of Goods

11.1 The Buyer shall be deemed to have accepted Goods upon delivery to the Buyer.

11.2 The Buyer shall advise Lambdapower within a reasonable timeframe from receipt of the Goods any discrepancies in specification from the Goods ordered, after which it shall be deemed the goods are as the specification. The buyer must check the specification of goods received against the goods ordered prior to using the goods as this will deem acceptance of said goods.

11.3 The Seller will not consider any claims for shortage of delivery or damage in transit unless notice is given to the carrier and Seller within a reasonable timeframe of the receipt of goods. This is very important as our carriers have time limits imposed upon Lambdapower for such claims. If the package looks gravely damaged at delivery, it is advisable to sign for any items as 'contents not inspected'.

11.4 The Seller undertakes to deliver Mail Ordered goods to the delivery address, as opposed to an individual. A signature provided by an individual at the delivery address will deem acceptance of goods. Where the buyer has signed for the goods as "Received In Good Condition", or the buyer is deemed to have accepted the goods as such, then any claim will only be honoured on the basis of a full or part refund claim via the carrier being successful.

11.5 We do not offer a car-parts loan service. Any goods correctly supplied in good faith and then used will not be accepted for refund for such reasons as the part not being required anymore, or other system fault being found that renders the purchase of the original part unrequired.

11.6 In alignment with industry standards, as soon as the sealed bag is opened, returned goods will not be accepted. This is because we cannot control the circumstances of use of the product once fitted (Section 8.5).

12. Title and risk

12.1 The Goods shall be at the Buyer's risk as from delivery. Refer to Clause 11.3 for advice on receiving carrier-delivered goods.

12.2 Property in the Goods shall not pass from the Seller to the buyer until payment is received for the Goods in full. For pre-payment (pro-forma) customers (generally industrial customers) the property passes once the pre-payment has been made. This may take several days depending on the method of payment used. We may exercise the option to despatch items whilst the payment is undergoing clearing.

12.3 In the event of fraudulent use of credit card details in such a manner that the legitimate cardholder is unaware, and has not authorised use of the card for purchases made from Lambdapower and parts delivered in good faith by Lambdapower, which results in a financial liability from Lambdapower to the credit card company concerned, all legal and incidental costs arising from attempts by Lambdapower to recover the monies owed by the original customer will become liable to that customer. All cases of fraud are reported to the police authorities and they may decide to prosecute independently of any decision reached by Lambdapower.

13. Privacy Policy Data Protection and Copyright issues

13.1 Lambdapower is committed to protecting the security of customer's data. SSL security is used for all website server transactions. No employees or sub-contractors of Lambdapower apart from vetted members of staff have direct access to customer records. No third parties or associated companies have any access to customer records.

13.2 We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorised access, use or disclosure. We store the personal information you provide on secure computer servers with restricted access.

13.3 Upon completion of a payment to Lambdapower, each customer is issued with a temporary Lambdapower customer account, identified by a unique account number. Financial information collected by Lambdapower in the course of a transaction is held for a limited time, normally 90 days, on our secure servers, after which time it is archived and removed from the system. This is to facilitate refunds to the customer in the case of returned goods, to allow pricing adjustments in the event of returned or swapped goods, and to allow the purchase of extra items at the customers request with the same financial details. This practice is standard for all our customers, except at the request of the cardholder such that no details should be held on file.

13.4 In the case of financial information collected such that ongoing account payments can be made, for example for trade / industrial customers or other regular customers, these details are securely held in such a way as to prevent the details being used for any other purpose than that authorised by the cardholder.

13.5 No access to customer records is permitted to any third party (apart from courier firms as per section 13.6); details including, but not limited to, name, address, email address, phone number, contact details, vehicle details, purchased items, financial information. These records are kept strictly confidential at all times.

13.6 The only exceptions to 13.1 and 13.5 are that delivery address details have to be made known to either Royal Mail, or alternative carrier used to despatch customer orders. In the case of 24-hour carrier being requested by the customer, we will also supply the delivery company with the customer's telephone number, in order that the customer may be contacted by the delivery driver in the event of a non-delivery. We anticipate that eventually all mail and parcel services will require contact details to be printed on the despatch label, and we will have to amend this clause as the relevant legislation is passed.

13.7 Cookie policy: Cookies are stored on your internet device during your visit for the following reasons:

  • to enable use of Microsoft server software (Classic ASP, ASP.NET)
  • to enable use of the online checkout. The information contained is randomised, encrypted, and cannot be used for any other purpose
  • to signal to us if you've visited the site after clicking on an advert (we advertise on Bing, Google). This enables us to gauge the effectiveness of our promotions. This information can only be accessed by us and only us
If you disable all cookies on your internet device, the site should still function well enough to complete an order, but functionality and convenience may be impaired. European regulations explicitly allow use of essential cookies for site functionality, hence we have no cookie opt-in warnings on our site. We do not use external tracking services or advert services apart from the static search engine advert campaigns mentioned above, and all our website content is served from our own leased Windows(tm) server, not a third party server.

13.8 Tracking Cookies / scripts: (eg. Google tracking scripts) The majority - if not all - scripts provided to webmasters by search engine companies such as Google, purportedly for checking website performance / compliance, or supplying html resources such as scripts or fonts, are hosted remotely, so no-one has any control over what they do, and have a hidden motive to track user's activities across the internet to financially benefit the provider of the script, who can package your personal data and net activity, then sell it on to other companies. Lambdapower allows no such scripts on the site and your activities will not be tracked / reported to any third party. No scripts hosted on a third party server are used by our web pages, all content is exclusively hosted on our own server (with the exception of the Paypal Logo).

13.9 All trademarks of companies whose logos etc may appear on this website for the purposes of advertising their products with the intention of retail sale belong to those respective companies. Any entity who wishes to challenge the display of their logo or any other copyrighted material on this website should first contact us in order to discuss the matter. Where possible such material has been derived from freely available press packs and other promotional material.

13.10 All content of this website apart from the special cases discussed in 13.9 is copyright Lambdapower and the company CEO J Field. Any reproduction of any material or storage in any retrieval system including but not limited to vehicle application lists, graphical images, photographic images of product or other items, technical information, reproductions of webpages in whole or in part, Lambdapower product information sheets or other printed items, is illegal according to the UK Copyright Act 1998 and we reserve the right to charge for unauthorised use of any items mentioned here. If you wish to reproduce any of the items listed please contact us first.

14. Terms of this agreement

14.1 If one of the provisions of these Terms of Contract should be invalid, or become invalid, this shall have no effect upon the validity of the remaining provisions. Rather, the provision concerned shall be superseded by a ruling which is legally permissible and which in its effectiveness is as near as possible to the original provision.

14.2 Owing to data caching by web servers and internet service providers, the version of these terms and conditions as displayed on your internet enabled device may not be completely up-to-date. Please press CTRL+F5 to refresh the page. A complete up-to-date printed copy of these terms and conditions can be supplied on request.

14.3 Our trading address is:LAMBDAPOWER, Unit 22A Baltic Works, Effingham Road, SHEFFIELD, S9 3QA, United Kingdom. CEO: J Field.

14.4 End of Terms and Conditions

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