Technical Notes

This section, divided into three parts, provides access to a detailed description of the Lambda Oxygen Sensor, and how your car's engine uses it. We will attempt to help you diagnose possible Lambda-related faults with your vehicle, or provide background reading if, for example, your MOT testing station has advised that you need a new Lambda.

Detailed Technical Notes INDEX

Here you can learn about the theory behind how sensors work. This will give you insight into the workings of this component. It will also be of great help to you during problem finding, or when you have been advised of the need for Lambda replacement.

The sections have an index enabling you to jump to a particular topic of interest, or you can step through the pages one-by-one. The articles are graded for technical difficulty.

Diagnostic Help / FAQ

Here is a comprehensive list of commonly asked questions about many faults related to smooth engine running, and how they relate to your lambda sensor. Some test procedures are also described which can be carried out on your own. It will help determine whether your engine problem is Lambda related or not.

Case Studies

It is useful to see how we have applied our testing procedures to real-world problems. So here we present some example cars on which we have successfully identified a lambda fault, and we have supplied the details of the fault-finding process.