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Bosch aftermarket parts - Update info 2022 - 2023

Bosch have discontinued a large number of parts in all ranges. If in doubt about availability please contact us first. We keep most part numbers active in case they become available again.

All 1000 (0258001xxx) and 2000 (0258002xxx) parts are no longer available.

If you are ordering 3000 or 5000 series parts, most are discontinued but we may still have group stock, or be able to manufacture a suitable part, so please email us to enquire.

Industrial Uses: Wood burning stoves, Furnaces, or for Biomass applications see this page (LS69001).
LSM-11: Industrial Uses 0258104002 0258104005 - all superceded to our own LSM11B - see this page (Lambdapower LSM11B)