Replacement sensor Dynojet five wire wideband Lambda Sensor

Lambda Sensor for some Dynojet rolling roads, genuine BOSCH, five wire sensor, complete with inline connector, this type features inset orange rubber seal.

Two harness lengths are available. Please note this item does NOT include the long extension harness you will find on your machine. Before ordering, please determine if this part is suitable for your rolling road setup, not all Dynojet products use this sensor.

These parts are suitable for the following part numbers:

  • Dynojet SKU48292000
  • 48292000
  • LS6065
  • LS6066

Both parts use the same type of 6-pin connector.

Type LS6066 short harness

Dynojet Oxygen Sensor short harness 460mm £83.32 plus vat
£99.99 all inclusive

Type LS6065 long harness

Dynojet Oxygen Sensor long harness 600mm £83.32 plus vat
£99.99 all inclusive


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